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The Head and the Heart

There are bands that you listen to in passing and there are those who engrave their mark so deep you can’t get enough of them. For the authors of this blog, The Head and the Heart (THATH) belongs in the latter.

For years, The Head and the Heart has been consistently on our playlists, and while we have been on the receiving end of these rewarding songs, we’ve realized we have not even given a proper tribute to the band. To make up for that, and to celebrate THATH’s 10th year anniversary, two of us will be answering four questions about our journey with the band.

How did you discover The Head and the Heart?

Julienne: It was in 2013 when I registered on a music website called 8tracks and there was this one playlist that I really, really liked. Composed of 11 tracks, the playlist featured new releases that time of indie folk music. Because of its upbeat and happy sound, it became my go-to playlist while working in the morning. One of the songs was The Head and the Heart’s “Shake.” In time, I also started watching their official video of “Shake,” then “Another Story,” and so on… I was captivated by their music.

Lorie Ann: I discovered The Head and the Heart while I was studying in Hong Kong in 2014. Far away from home and missing friends, I was listening to random indie folk songs on YouTube when I heard “Another Story.” At that moment, I got hooked on it and began listening to the band’s songs. A few days later, my friend Julienne told me she’s been listening to THATH. And that’s when we started talking about what we love about the band members and its music.

How would you describe their music?

Julienne: Nostalgic, grounded, warm and cozy. They talk about everyday things and experiences that is why, in one way or another, I can relate to the songs like they’ve happened to me.

Lorie Ann: THATH offers a musical narrative, telling classic and universal stories about human relationships, struggles and doubts. Its dynamic music brings a story into reality, making me feel the emotions in it.

Tell us about your unforgettable THATH experience.

Julienne: By the end of 2014, I was living partially on my own in a countryside village far from the city center. It was a small house with all white walls bordered by a farm at the back. I remember those late afternoons when the neighborhood kids started going home from school and played games outside, when the sun still shone but not too brightly, when the sky slowly changed color and turned bright orange. That was exactly the best time to play the Head and the Heart albums.

There was also a time when I showed live and acoustic THATH videos on YouTube to my father. He is my dependable music video buddy and THATH was one of the artists he liked watching.

Lorie Ann: The first two albums — The Head and the Heart, and Let’s Be Still — were like the official soundtracks of my time in Hong Kong. I played them everyday, while walking around and traveling on a bus or train. I even had “Cats and Dogs” as my alarm on the phone. But my most unforgettable moment was when I was on the subway, missing someone who had been special to me. While “Gone” was playing on my headphones, my tears fell when I heard the line: “Don’t send me no postcards telling me you miss me ‘cause I’m trying here.” 

The Head and the Heart acoustic
One of The Head and the Heart's acoustic sessions. (Photo Courtesy: BLARE)

You want to recommend THATH to a friend, which song would you let them hear first?

Julienne: I think “Down in the Valley” is one of the more accessible and easily likeable songs of THATH. It is the kind of song that people are drawn to — reflective of our wishes and search for that satisfying life.

Lorie Ann: I’d like my friends to hear “My Friends” first because I think most people can relate to it being aware of the problems in the world. In the middle of it all, one can find solace with a friend. The song reminds me of the importance of friendship and finding value amid the chaos in our society today.

* * * * * *

We would have included a “favorite song” question if not for our inability to give just one answer; both of our choices depend on the mood of the day or what we are going through.

So there you have it — our little tribute for The Head and the Heart. And if this was your first time hearing about them, we hope you’ve discovered something to treasure and share with others.


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