The Birds of Davao City Exhibit and Book Launching

Birds of Davao City exhibit ribbon cutting
Martin Y. Pineda (left) and Kublai Millan (right) led the ribbon cutting ceremony of "The Birds of Davao City" exhibit at Abreeza Mall, March 13, 2019.

A joint exhibit of wild bird photographer Martin Y. Pineda and artist Rey Mudjahid “Kublai” P. Millan and the launching of Pineda’s two-volume books on Davao City’s birds was held on March 13, 5 p.m. at Abreeza Mall, Davao City.

The opening program started with an introduction on birding and wild birds from Alex Tiongco, President of Birders without Borders Philippines and Raptorwatch Network Philippines. It was followed by a short talk on preserving pockets of nature in the city by Dennis Salvador, Executive Director of the Philippine Eagle Foundation, Inc.

Birds of Davao City exhibit
From left: Alex Tiongco, Dennis Salvador, Martin Pineda, Kublai Millan

Salvador said that “if we are to enjoy the many practical benefits of our green spaces, it also becomes a responsibility to help conserve them as well.” But that to want to conserve something, he emphasized understanding and valuing it first, hence the significance of educational books and exhibits like “The Birds of Davao City.”

The books, entitled “Birds of Downtown Davao City” (Vol. 1) and “Birds of Davao City Beyond Downtown” (Vol. 2), are the first publication of its kind and feature more than 100 wild, endemic and migratory birds found in Davao City.

Birds of Davao City exhibit
Each painting of Kublai Millan was displayed beside the photo it was based on.

Author Martin Y. Pineda, a licensed geologist and president of Mountain Haven Development, Inc., said that the purpose of Volume 1 is to “communicate that the birds are here in downtown and to plant the seed of importance of preserving pockets of nature.”. It will be an eye-opener for urban dwellers to see the variety of birds thriving in city centers and visiting their own gardens.

Volume 2, on the other hand, wants to create awareness on the prospect of ecotourism. According to Pineda, Davao City is in the ecotourism map today and that there are world birders going here every year. He also hopes that more people especially children would be informed through the book.

Birds of Davao City exhibit and books
The two volumes are sold as a set.

The accompanying exhibit will run until March 19, 2019 at Abreeza Mall (in front of Fullybooked). It features photos by Pineda and eight paintings by Kublai Millan based on Pineda’s photos.


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