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Edward S. Curtis - Photography & Film

Edward S. Curtis was a renowned photographer and documenter of Native American life in the early 20th century. His works, which include more than 40,000 photographs, are still widely used in different print and digital media: in books, web articles, even music album covers, that those not familiar will have at one time or another seen one. In addition, and this I’ve only recently found out, he’s also directed a 65-minute silent film on the Kwakiutl tribe in 1914 called In the Land of the Head Hunters . The following excerpts and photos are from the Edward S. Curtis collection in Shared Legacies : According to Curtis, his ambition was to photograph “The Vanishing Race.” He therefore embarked upon a thirty year undertaking to document Native American Indian cultures within the immensely ambitious project titled The North American Indian. This comprised of a set of 20 volumes of ethnographic text illustrated with photo-engravings from his glass plate negatives. By 1930 the modest popular

Good Morning, Taka!

Registration for Good Morning, Taka! is now open. Good Morning, Taka! is on August 30, Saturday, from 10 am – 1 pm . It will be in a small garden at the second floor of Crossroad Center in Quezon City. The exact address is #77 Mother Ignacia Avenue (in the scout area). Regular registration fee of PhP 700/head is until August 28. After that, registration fee will be at PhP 1,000/head. Fee includes the raw taka, painting materials and delightful taka colors-inspired snacks. To register , send an email to or PM Quriocity, the workshop’s organizer, in their official Facebook page . Below are excerpts from Quriocity’s email: Some months ago, our team went to the town of Paete, Laguna to visit our local paper mache artists… In this trip, I and two members of Team Quriocity walked the streets of the peaceful and friendly neighborhood of the town central. Armed with an open-mind to discover something new and an excitement to mingle with the locals, we were exhilarated by t