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Mad twins, cabbages, roses, and fibers

Thought I’d never do a fashion feature, but these three sites, a blog and two shops, just overloaded me with all natural fabric goodness that I have to share them. First up is a crazy fashion blog by Paris and London aka The Mad Twins . They recently did a hippy shoot which I loved. Below are some of the photos. Next, the English lifestyle brand Cabbages & Roses . They sell clothes, home accessories and fabrics. I’ve never been to any of their shops, but they have collaborated with Uniqlo, a Japanese retail company that has branches here in the Philippines, and news is that they’ll be expanding to the provinces. So hopefully soon in Davao, too. Last but not the least, Folk Fibers is a little shop of naturally dyed handmade quilts. It is owned by Maura Grace Ambrose of Austin, Texas. Her “goal is to share the craft and folklore that prevails around natural dyes and quilting.”

Geninne's Art

I’ve been following Geninne Zlatkis’ art for about three years now and they never stop coming. She blogs here and sells prints on Etsy .