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From Joni to Lisa, folk fashion and music

by Lorie Ann Lisa Hannigan is the millennium’s new Joni Mitchell. Well, that’s how I’d like to put it because these female artists are both my favorites. I will be telling about them in more details, maybe later. But, for now, let me introduce to you dear readers, especially fellow folkniks, these two folk artists–one a Canadian, and the other an Irish. Before we’ll talk about their music, let’s have an overview of their basic information and sense of fashion. Joni or Roberta Joan Anderson by birth started as an artist with folk music in 1964. Now 68 year-old, she was born in Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada. A musician, singer, songwriter and painter in one, Joni plays guitar, piano dulcimer, ukulele and auto-harp. Aside from folk-rock and folk-jazz, she also composed plain jazz and pop music. Check out Joni’s fashion with these I lifted from other sites. When I grow old, I would wear folk… Lisa Margaret Hannigan, 31, is an Irish indie folk singer and musician who lives in Kilcloon, Cou

Kadayawan 2012 Photos

Kadayawan is a month-long annual festival in Davao City. This event serves as a thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest as well as a way to honor Davao’s cultural heritage. The photos in this gallery are from the Indak-indak sa Kadalanan (Street Dancing) and a tribe from Bukidnon performing a traditional song. For more information, please visit Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival’s Official Website . Photos by Julienne

3 Reasons to Watch Inside Llewyn Davis

There’s a folk movie coming and it’s from highly awarded siblings. Here’s three reasons to watch Inside Llewyn Davis : It’s the Coen brothers and they’re tackling folk music. The movie, which is about a singer-songwriter navigating New York’s folk music scene in the 60s, is currently set to be released early next year. Although highly unlikely, a proper cinematic showing in the Philippines would be very much appreciated by moi and company. Awesomely versatile actor Oscar Isaac will be playing the title character , Llewyn Davis, loosely based on 60s folk musician Dave Van Ronk. From what I’ve seen of Isaac’s previous performances — as charismatic St. Joseph in the Nativity Story, evil King John in Robin Hood, and a scene-stealing antagonist in Sucker Punch — I couldn’t ask for a better lead. By the way, he’s also in the Bourne Legacy, which I still have to watch. All music performances in the movie are played live , not pre-recorded. Just like the new Les Miserables, eh? Looks like we