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Away in a Manger

This song confused me seriously. At the time, my sister was looking for a Christmas carol to sing at their office’s Christmas celebration. We decided to look for a simple soft song to go with her simple soft voice. I started with the Christmas albums we had and made a list of the songs she could sing. “Away in a manger” was in two, one in Nat King Cole’s album and another from a choral group. When she came home, she listened to the songs and narrowed down the list, which includes Away in a manger . Next stop, youtube. The first video we found was Celtic Woman’s version. I thought that was perfect! My sister always loved Celtic Woman. So we watched a live performance… wait! That’s not Nat King Cole’s Away in a manger , is it? Again we listened to Nat King Cole, and after reading wikis, that’s how we found out. That there are two accepted melodies for this song and that the choral group version I was listening to was the same as Celtic Woman’s. Play the tracks below. The “Mueller” varia


handpainting Paglisan sa dating bayan (Pantabangan Resettlement 1972) Ballpen Drawing 1995 with Blood Signature Acrylic painting Lukso ng Dugo 5 (blood on canvas) Amangpintor , born Elito Villaflor Circa, is a Filipino folk painter and notably the “first blood and hair painter of his generation of Filipino folk artists.” Official website